Sports Massage


Rise is a Bristol Based Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy specialist. 

Through over-use, overloading or poor posture the muscles, tendons and fascia of your body can accumulate tension, adhesions and minor injuries which lead to pain, reduced range and abnormal movement patterns.  Left unchecked this can cause muscle imbalances, altered, sub-optimal posture and reduced performance, more pain, loss of function and increased risk of further injury.

Our Bristol based Sports Massage therapists use techniques such as myofascial release, trigger-pointing and soft tissue release alongside neuromuscular techniques such as contract-relax and MET to reduce pain, alleviate myofascial tension and decrease stress within the body's soft tissues.

Anyone can benefit from sports massage, not just athletes; emotional, work-related and postural stress can all be relieved through effective, relaxing massage techniques.  Massage is a clinically proven method for reducing stress, anxiety and pain, without any pills.

At RISE we consider your body and mind as your most important possessions; we encourage our clients to spend a little more time prioritising themselves, through a regular programme of exercise and recovery, to maximise their health and resilience.