Why Pilates?

Pilates strengthens and conditions the body in an even way, paying particular attention to core strength, flexibility and balance to protect the back and surrounding joints. Joseph Pilates developed the pilates technique through believing that mental and physical health were closely connected to rehabilitate. A true genius.

The Rise Pilates Approach

Rise Pilates Bristol has chosen to base its pilates principles around the STOTT PILATES approach. STOTT PILATES incorporates modern exercise principles and applies practices in biomechanics, athletic performance enhancement and rehabilitation. The exercises are designed to restore the natural curvature of the spine and to strengthen and rebalance the muscles surrounding the joints. The modifications in each exercise allow adaptation for different posture types, allowing it to be adaptable to sports-specific training as well as everyday life.

Need to Know
The STOTT PILATES method has a foundation of 5 basic principles: breath, pelvic placement, rib-cage placement, scapula movement and head and neck placement. These principles are taught on our 5 week introductory course and must be understood and competently practiced before booking in to our drop-in classes.  If you want to fast-track your progression then you can learn these basics in one to one sessions.

Please also note that if you are recovering from an injury or operation or deemed to require more than an average level of attention from our instructor then you will be required to attend a one to one session for the instructor to carry out a postural analysis. This is so we can tailor and adapt your pilates experience with us including producing you a specific set of home exercises to do alongside your weekly group classes.

What We offer at RISE

One to one classes

At Rise Pilates Bristol we offer one to one classes in mat-based pilates, The Reformer, The cadillac and the Wunda Chair and also including using a variety of small equipment. The session is tailored around a full postural analysis, and then working on a programme specific to the clients posture type, incorporating modification to achieve the full benefits from the exercises. This is the best way to learn Pilates and will help you to achieve maximum results and achieve your goals most efficiently. You will be given a programme from your instructor to work though at home in your own pace.

Reformer classes 

We only offer small group reformer classes. We allow two to three clients in the group class and these classes run on Wednesday and Monday Evening and a Tuesday and Friday Lunchtime. Please go to the Book Now link below to see prices and class packages


 Pilates Circuit Training

In this bespoke class you will move your way around all the large pieces of equipment including the reformers, cadillac and Wunda chair, use the stability balls. Arc barrel and the Foam rollers. Circuits are a full body working working at your own pace with the guidance of the instructor. Please note that for your own safety you must have had an induction prior to joining this class so you know how to equiptment works and you have been filled in with

Prenatal Classes

At Rise we run modified Mat classes so that Mums-to-be can join us in a wide range of Pilates focused exercises using flex band and balls. We use current exercise guidelines provided by the ACOG. Workout safety and effectiveness remain paramount to us and the client’s risk factors pre-pregnancy fitness level, health concerns and fitness goals will all be taken in to account when joining the prenatal Mat class.    

Our Classes