Specialist Climbing Physiotherapy


Before training as a Physiotherapist, Simon Carley-Smith worked as an SPA climbing instructor and ran an outdoor adventure company in Polzeath, North Cornwall.  Climbing and ski mountaineering are some of his greatest passions and it was only natural that his Physiotherapy would end up specialising in these sports.

Simon has a particular interest in finger, elbow and shoulder injuries, but is just as comfortable treating other regions, from low back pain to knee injuries.  He has a very active interest in understanding the science and practical application of the most recent strength and conditioning research and rehabilitation techniques for both improving performance and preventing or recovering from injury, and he regularly liaises with coaches and other specialist climbing physiotherapists to ensure you get cutting edge treatment.

Being based out of Redpoint Bristol Climbing Centre means RISE Physiotherapy is perfectly placed to meet the rehabilitation and therapy needs of Bristol's rock climbing and adventure sports community. With on-site access to a huge range of rehabilitation equipment, fingerboards, gymnastic rings and the combination of bouldering and lead climbing walls we have a unique set-up that allows full assessment of your injury and where appropriate your climbing technique.